Monday through Friday 5 am-8 am

The Erik Kuselias Show


The Erik Kuselias Show is a smart, high-energy, topical sports show that educates and entertains on a daily basis. The show features numerous pop culture references, compelling interviews and the most persuasive host on the planet. Known for his interviewing skills and insight based on his years as a practicing attorney, Erik Kuselias is considered an elite host in the popular world of sports talk radio.







Weekdays 8 am-11 am

Voices of the Game with Newy Scruggs


Voices of the Game with Newy Scruggs is a fast paced, topic driven sports talk show. Hosted from Dallas, TX by industry veteran and ratings winner Newy Scruggs, “Voices of the Game” gets the discussion started with the biggest stories in sports, adds key insiders like Chris Mannix and Terrell Davis and includes highlights and post-game interviews from the best games on the schedule. Newy’s show is a first class “give and take”, full of outspoken candor, great humor, and keen observations.





Weekdays 11 am– 2p

ProFootballTalk Live with Mike Florio


ProFootballTalk Live with Mike Florio features three hours of NFL news, analysis, and interviews with Mike Florio, creator of the innovative, NFL-focused website ProFootballTalk.com. His critically-acclaimed NFL insight offers listeners and football fans all-encompassing coverage of the league with the most current news, analysis, and thought-provoking debate. Florio interviews a wide variety of NFL insiders, experts, players, and coaches.





Weekdays 2p-6 p

“Under Center with Mark Malone”


“Under Center with Mark Malone” is an all-sports show that leverages the unique perspective of a former NFL quarterback who played multiple sports at high levels and can break down the daily headlines–from on-the-field competition to locker room dynamics. Mark Malone captivates listeners with engaging and entertaining sports talk enhanced by personal stories, interviews, anecdotes, and upfront opinions.”



Weeknights 6 p-9p

Jon Stashower


The ultimate professional, Jon Stashower brings a smart, thought-provoking program to the airwaves. He goes behind all the water-cooler topics that have been buzzed about all week, featuring audio from top story-makers. Jon is frank, fair, open-minded and even-handed, with unique thoughts and observations that keep listeners tuned in and engaged in the conversation.







Amani Toomer and Dan Schwartzman


One host is a Super Bowl champion; the other host is passionate rising star in sports talk radio. Together, former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer and sports talk host Dan Schwartzman hold court weeknights. Listeners are lured in by their apparent and unmistakable chemistry and by their affinity to leave no topic untouched. Amani and Dan are adept at going deep into the top sports stories of the day while interviewing some of the biggest names in sports.



Mid -5 AM

Jason Page


Jason Page is creating a new blueprint for sports talk radio with a contemporary approach, youthful insight and contagious energy. Jason owns the social media world with @thebackpage on Twitter, and he leverages that fan base to drive interaction to his weekend radio show.

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